Our Partnership with CloudFlare

Our Partnership with CloudFlare

We are proud to announce our partnership with CloudFlare. Why are we so excited about it? CloudFlare secures and accelerates your website by acting as a proxy between your visitors and Moila Hosting servers. The result is better protection for your website, shorter page loading times and you’ll save a whole load of bandwidth

Once enabled for your website, CloudFlare is designated as your authoritative name server. All requests to your website are now routed through their systems, allowing them to clean and accelerate your traffic. And with state-of-the-art routing technology in 30 data centres around the world,

CloudFlare is also able to:

1.    Give your visitors the fastest connection possible.
2.    Screen your website’s traffic for malicious visitors
3.    Optimise your web content
4.    Cache static content on your site

contact us at support@moilahosting.com to get CloudFlare on your Website.


5 Signs You Need A New Website

5 Signs You Need A New Website

Are you running your business with a so-so website? Do you dread giving out your website’s URL? Do you secretly dream about a re-design?

Then you need a new website.

In the early 2000s you were on top of your game simply because you had a website. But what was cool in 2001 is not so cool anymore. Let me share a secret: Never skimp on website design. When designed for today’s modern audiences, websites are the best tool for reaching, engaging with and winning new customers. So how do you know when it’s time for a new design? When will you finally give up your original site? Maybe you don’t know where to look for the signs of a mediocre site. Well, I’ll give you five to start with:

Your content is old

There is nothing worse than visiting a company’s website only to realise that they last updated the site in 2007. Up-to-date and relevant copy ensures that your clients and customers always know what they get.

Your website is not responsive

Don’t let smartphones hate your website. These days people work on all sorts of devices – with their mobile phones being at the top of the list. So what if your website does not display correctly on a mobile phone or tablet? Well, your potential client will most likely leave your website and look for a site that is more user-friendly. Smartphone 1 : Your company 0.

Your website is not SEO friendly

So, what is the use of a website if you only rank on page 1443 of Google? SEO means that Google can track your site and rank it according to different factors: your content, meta descriptions, images, links, title texts and headings. Not sure what I’m talking about? Then you definitely need to improve your SEO.

Your competition’s site is looking spectacular

These days everyone is online. And this creates a whole new world of rivalry. It’s a platform where the strongest get to the top first. So, when your site looks like a flopperoo next to your competitor’s state-of-the-art masterpiece, it’s time to get a new website.

Not getting any leads?

Well, then it is undoubtedly time to look at why your website is going through a chronic dry spell. Your website should be one of your top sources for new leads.

If you’re not bragging to friends and family about your online home anymore and you find yourself making excuses for why it’s not looking so great, you need a re-design.

What South Africans buy on the Internet

What South Africans buy on the Internet

The latest Effective Measure statistics reveal the most popular products bought online in SA.

Effective Measure recently released its November 2015 statistics, which show that the most popular products purchased online are tickets, books, hotel reservations, and music/movies.

Effective Measure is the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB South Africa, and provides accurate traffic and demographics statistics for South Africa’s top websites.

The group’s recent Internet demographics statistics are based on 280,400 online surveys completed by local Internet users.

The stats reveal that 46% of South African Internet users purchased tickets for shows or sport events online.

45% of local Internet users purchased books online, while the same percentage bought travel tickets for flights, buses, and trains.

26% of South Africa’s Internet population said they do not purchase anything online.

Items Purchased via Internet
Tickets for shows or sport events 45.71%
Books 45.42%
Travel Tickets: Bus, Train, Flights, Boat 45.29%
Hotel Reservations 37.98%
DVDs, Videos, Music (CD, K7, MP3’s) 34.29%
None of the above 25.53%
Holiday package 22.89%
Software 22.54%
Flowers / Gifts 19.16%
Toys and games 14.53%
Clothes and accessories 13.91%
Health and Beauty Products 12.96%
Food 10.22%
Computers 10.07%
Domain names, hosting services 9.01%
Cars, Motorbikes, Bicycles 7.79%
Mass market electronics: TV, Radios, Mobile, HiFi 7.65%
PC or Console Video games 7.34%
Ringtones, games or Icons for Mobile phones 7.03%
Sport shoes, Sport clothes 5.97%
Real Estate / Property 4.77%
Alcoholic beverages 4.01%
Art objects 2.60%
Internet usage
E-Mail 89.45%
Banking 68.23%
Research / Obtaining information 63.79%
Reading news / magazine articles online 59.75%
Social Networking 51.02%
Shopping 33.72%
Job Search 28.34%
Directory Services 25.98%
Music downloads 24.49%
Instant Messaging 20.26%
Chat 19.57%
Listen to the radio online 15.15%
Watch TV and Videos online 14.70%
Podcast / Video downloads 12.28%
Blogging 9.27%
Share Trading 7.44%
Dating 2.79%
Gambling 1.42%
None of the above 0.87%