Our Partnership with CloudFlare

Our Partnership with CloudFlare

We are proud to announce our partnership with CloudFlare. Why are we so excited about it? CloudFlare secures and accelerates your website by acting as a proxy between your visitors and Moila Hosting servers. The result is better protection for your website, shorter page loading times and you’ll save a whole load of bandwidth

Once enabled for your website, CloudFlare is designated as your authoritative name server. All requests to your website are now routed through their systems, allowing them to clean and accelerate your traffic. And with state-of-the-art routing technology in 30 data centres around the world,

CloudFlare is also able to:

1.    Give your visitors the fastest connection possible.
2.    Screen your website’s traffic for malicious visitors
3.    Optimise your web content
4.    Cache static content on your site

contact us at support@moilahosting.com to get CloudFlare on your Website.