What Is An SSL Certificate?

What Is An SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are a simple but essential way to keep sensitive information safe while giving customers the confidence they need to complete a transaction online.

When online customers feel secure, they are more likely to complete a purchase or personalise their profile and return to your website.Customers will buy with confidence when they know that their information is protected. SSL encrypts sensitive, private data, such as credit card numbers and bank account details. Normally, data on the web is sent in clear text from computer to computer until its destination is reached. Any of the computers along the way can see that information – this is where the gap is presented to cyber attackers who are looking for soft targets.

Recently, Google announced that they prefer secured sites (even if your website doesn’t do online transactions), giving anyone who protects their website a boost in search engine rankings.

And the good news is securing your website has never been easier.

Why Choose Our SSL Certificates?

Secure Encryption

Keep data safe. All plans come with high (128 – 256 bit) encryption that ensures transactions and sensitive information are secure.

Fast Setup

Get secured quickly. SSL certificates are typically approved in 4 days or less, with some plans approved in just 10 minutes!

Total Browser Compatibility

Everyone is covered. Certificates are compatible with all major browsers, including those on mobile devices.

Padlock And Site Seal

Show customers they’re protected. A site seal proves your SSL is in place and the padlock in the browser bar tells customers their information is safe.

Secure All Versions Of Your Site

Our SSL certificates secure both www. and non-www. versions of your site – no need to buy a separate certificate.


Do business confidently. Liability insurance protects you and your customers if your SSL certificate is issued or used incorrectly – for an amount of up to $1,750,000.

Our Partnership with CloudFlare

Our Partnership with CloudFlare

We are proud to announce our partnership with CloudFlare. Why are we so excited about it? CloudFlare secures and accelerates your website by acting as a proxy between your visitors and Moila Hosting servers. The result is better protection for your website, shorter page loading times and you’ll save a whole load of bandwidth

Once enabled for your website, CloudFlare is designated as your authoritative name server. All requests to your website are now routed through their systems, allowing them to clean and accelerate your traffic. And with state-of-the-art routing technology in 30 data centres around the world,

CloudFlare is also able to:

1.    Give your visitors the fastest connection possible.
2.    Screen your website’s traffic for malicious visitors
3.    Optimise your web content
4.    Cache static content on your site

contact us at support@moilahosting.com to get CloudFlare on your Website.